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Making Deciduous Trees

29 mei 2014

How to make scale model Deciduous Trees;

Overview English pages.

Making a deciduous tree in H0 scale is not very difficult. With the right materials, it is about an hour’s work. There are many different methods how to make. We describe the methode using natural material in combination with metal wire.

Requirements for creating a deciduous tree scale : Trimmer, rods floral wire, wire cutter, drill, scissor, tweezer, quick-drying glue (here using glue from manufacturer Loctite), bamboe skewer, piece of hard foam and foilage of Heki .

We use prunings (dry few weeks) from the garden, where we pay close attention to the correct proportions and branching. First, a hole is drilled at the bottom of the trunk where we glue the skewer in place . The skewer is then abbreviated with the trimmer so that it protrudes about 5 cm. Now the tree can simply be inserted into a pieces of hard foam to work easier when adding the foilage. The next step is the application of the small twigs at the top of the tree, to which the flour binding wire is used. The wire is twisted around the branches and side branches are turned and the right length cut with wire cutters. If this is done and the tree has a nice base than the foilage can be applied. Please note that a tree does not always have to be perfect model because this is naturally also not so. Prevent all static similar -looking trees. The foilage of Heki that has been used is in the form of a mat, and are cut from this small pieces which are again some pulled apart. The adhesive is applied on the wire and the foilage is applied bit by bit with the tweezers. Be careful with your fingers with superglue, because before you know it they’re stuck together. In the case of the foilage is always some loose litter and when working with the foilage is there will always litter free. Catch this loose litter, because this can be used even for covering some parts. So everything will be used and we work as economical as possible with the material . The cost is actually relatively low, wire and glue and  the most expensive is the foilage for this format tree is this approximately € 6.00. So we totally make a big tree for about € 7.50. Completed in 1 hour!

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