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Freight Car Weathering with Chipping Medium

Weathering of a H0 Freight car using Chipping Medium

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Weathering a freight car, passenger car or locomotive bring something personal to your layout. What was first a standard freight car with a shiny plastic look is now changed into a completely different look which fulfills to your requirements. To start and learn the weathering technique it is recommended to purchase a cheap second hand car. Visiting a scale model trade show or an auction site it is easy to find several for less than € 10,00 even for about € 5,00 is possible.

For this project such a freight car from Märklin is purchased. The first step is to clean it properly with hand warm water and normal dish washing soap. Dry it completely (a hair dryer can be very useful to speed it up)to prevent metal parts rusting.

All the paints and weathering powders made for this project comes from Vallejo. The benefit for this paints is that they are acrylic based, and the Vallejo Model Air type can be used in the airbrush without the need of dilution products. First a layer of Surface Primer is sprayed on to achieve a good adhesion of the paints to the plastic surface. The primer is applied in a very thin layer because details must stay visible. After drying this primer layer the first layer of paint can be applied by using the airbrush. This is the color Rust. Over the rust color a layer of Matt Varnish is sprayed with the airbrush (or with the Vallejo aerosols). This Matt Varnish seals the layers below. Now it must dry for approx. 24 hours. Next step is to apply with the airbrush Vallejo Chipping Medium. This is a product that can be re-activated with water. When dry the final color is sprayed, in this case a German Grey color. When dried completely we start slowly apply with a small brush water over the paint this makes the surface color a little soft and activated the Chipping Medium below the paint layer. With using a Stipple Brush or a standard bamboe Sate stick we carefully damage small pieces of the top layer of the paint. You will see that at this point the paint will loose it adhesion from the Chipping medium and the Rust color below becomes visible. When the result is as preferred we let the paint dry again completely and cover it after that completely with a layer of Matt Varnish. This final layer protects the layers below and the Chipping Medium cannot be activated again. To finish the details some Weathering Powders are applied to the car and also decals can be applied if needed. When the result is as you like to have a final layer of Matt Varnish comes over it to seal the Weathering Powders. The Weathering Powders will become a little darker after this final finish layer. To fix Weathering Powders you can also use Vallejo Airbrush Thinner.

Success with this challenging but nice to do job. But for sure don’t give up when the result is not as you would like with this first car. Practice a lot will improve your skills.

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