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Scratch Build Fence

Scratch Build of a fence on the scale model railroad module      Home

There are many ways to make a fence for the model railway. There are plastic or laser cut construction kits available. To create an own design and build it with scratch materials is another thing. The so-called Scratch Build create something unique and the end result is very satisfying.

The fence here is placed on Module 1 and located along the loading track of the large industrial building in order to effect a separation between the factory area and the large coal installation.

The posts are made of polystyrene H-profiles and cut to lengths of 3 cm. The fence panels will be glued between the posts. These panels have a height and width of 3 cm. Cardboard plates are first cut and veneer strips are glued on top of it. The veneer got some extra wood grain structure using a small air brush. This tiny wood grains are in the painting process filled with a black wash.

The H-profiles

First, the H-profiles are painted. Unfortunately there was no primer in stock during construction. As alternative a standard paint is used, this is the Vallejo Model Color 70882 German C. Black Brown to have good coverage. After drying, the color 71.057 Black of Vallejo Model Air is applied. When this layer is dry, rust stains are applied with a piece of sponge in the colors 71.040 Burnt Umber and 71.080 Rust. These colors are also mixed to get some extra nuances.

The fence panels

The panels first receive a wash of Vallejo 71.131 Concrete with 10% (water) dilution. After drying there is a drybrush of Vallejo 71.141 IDF Sand Gray 73. This gives lighter nuances in the wood. To go one step further, a dry brush of Vallejo 70.883 Silver Gray is also applied. A really outdated and sun-bleached wooden fence is already starting to emerge. When the wooden panels are dry, a Vallejo Wash 76.517 Dark Gray diluted with water is applied 10%. There is more depth in the wood grain and the wood looks a bit dirty in different places, which is of course not strange in an industrial environment. When this Wash is dry, minor effects are applied with Vallejo Wash 76.512 Dark Green to mimic algae and moss on the wood, which simulates additional weathering. This last Wash comes undiluted in one place and slightly diluted in water in the other, so that the infestation does not seem to be the same everywhere.


The fence is now glued together and for this we use Kristal Klear. When the fence is placed in the right place, the rest of the Scenery can be aplied along it. The products that can be used along the fence panels are Static Grass, Sand, Flock etc.


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