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Diorama Rosenbahn part 1

Diorama build by Rosenbahn

Rosenbahn is also member of Modelspoorclub Bergen op Zoom. With this team we are creating a large H0 scale Märklin railroad track where we show the surrounding area of the station of Bergen op Zoom around 1950-1965. We are with the club located in a nice monumental building in a shopping area in the center of the city. Rosenbahn started at home making a large diorama for the shop window. At this moment the diorama is completely finished and placed in the shop window. The diorama is every evening illuminated till 24.00 hour. Many people passing by the shop stopped and looked at the diorama and even making pictures. On the club evening the door is always open for visitors and we receive many positive reactions on all our creations. Do you like to follow MscBoZ visit than our website or follow our Facebook page.

The size of the diorama is 130×40 cm. and has a backdrop of 30 cm height. The backdrop is painted with a landscape using acrylic paints. The backdrop is painted in multiple layers and this create a lot of depth. The depth of the paintwork is a clear example of optical deception. Don’t give a backdrop to many details, the focus of the viewer must be the railroad in this case.

When the base is sawn out of a sheet of plywood and before anything else is done the chosen buildings are placed to be sure if all fits and looks as the idea of the diorama is.

The base is ready for the next step with walls in place.

Foam sheet is glued on the base and rail track is fitted and cut in the right length.

First a layer of blue sky is applied. When this layer is completely dry clouds can be applied. Pay attention not to paint sharp edges in the clouds but nice an smooth round edges with some transparency. Due to the transparency it looks like there is a little movement of the clouds by the wind. When this second layer is completely dry the contours of the trees and bushes can be painted. In this backdrop we create hills. See more detailed description on the separatie page which explain backdrops painting.

Meadows are created with careful attention to the slope angle. As can be seen, the basic colors for the different shades of green are the colors yellow and black. So we do NOT use green paint.

By defining the meadows somewhat with the colors white and ocher, depth differences are created. If too much white or ocher is accidentally used, go over it with some black and you will see that the colors soften because they mix together.

Now separate trees are being painted starting at about 3 cm above the horizontal base plate. These trees form the foreground and it is immediately visible that much more depth is created. For the most of this trees the color black is used and sometimes a tree that is contrasting yellow-green.

By letting the scene continue in the corners, these become optically largely eliminated and they are not so sharp anymore. The larger the track and thus the back wall, the more this effect has a positive effect on the whole scene.

Now we apply a layer of bushes at the bottom edge, creating even more depth in the whole scene. It is easy to see that the angle is much less sharp than the 90 degree angle between wall and floor. It’s pretty simple to fool the human eye.

The base (foam layer) gets a dark base color (mixed black with brown).

Buildings are placed back and doesn’t have to get the exact place as when started. It depend a lot how it looks now with the backdrop.

It looks now as place where it is not so bad to live.

A few trees placed temporary and this house stays now in a forrest environment. And this with only 2 trees!! By painting such a backdrop less trees are needed en still it will look a scene in with a complete forrest.

Next step is to illuminate all buildings with LED illumination.

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