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Rosenbahn Module 1

Module 1 Rosenbahn

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The complete old Rosenbahn is disconnected completely and we started to rebuild as the new Rosenbahn per module. The benefit is that the modules are easy to move and can also be used at exhibitions. They will be build in a way that the can connected with other Rosenbahn modules or can be used as stand alone.

The first module is a part of the old Rosenbahn with the locomotive shed and the turntable. The backdrops and side walls are removed and 3 new walls are installed. They are a little higher and are painted with a complete new backdrop painting. The module is fitted with in both side walls an opening where the track can be connected to the next module. Also is it possible when the module is used as a stand alone to connect as shadow station.

At picture 1 it is visible that some parts are being demolished. The length is a little extended and at the front there is a new plywood plate screwed. The walls are still there and has to be removed.

With the new extension the module got a length of 150 cm. Also are the rail tracks a little different in compare with the previous one.

The walls are removed and a start is made with the new plywood walls.

The side wall at the right shows the opening to the next module.

In the mean time al walls are screwed to the module and at the right side wall there is also an opening been made. Wooden reinforcement must be attached at top of the walls.

First a white primer coat is applied because the new plywood absorbs too much paint. when dry it is ready to paint the backdrops.

Digital connection scheme of the turntable to the CS2 see separate page >

Starting painting the backdrop is first the blue sky. This is applied from dark at the higher area and becomes lighter blue going lower. The two colors for making this different blue colors are Primary Blue and Titanium White.

After completely dry the clouds can be painted using the color Titanium White. Pay attention the first layer blue sky must be completely dry.

After the sky the first layer of trees and bushes can be painted. In contrast to the previous backdrops this one has no hills or mountains. It is completely a forrest where different green shades making the right contrasts. Never us a green paint. The green colors in the different shades are made using the paint colors Mars Black and Yellow.

For the left wall opening a viaduct is been scratch build. This is completely made of cardboard. See description how this viaduct is been build.

The next layer in the bushes can be painted when the first layer is dry. It becomes immediately visible that the backdrop makes the illusion of a large depth in the scenery.

The right wall opening will be covered with a large industrial building to camouflage the passage to the next module. This building is a 3 layer building and will be made of cardboard. The building gets a complete interior and every level is illuminated using LEDs. The lights of each layer has its on power connection and can be controlled by using an Arduino module.

So far part 1

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