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Scratch building station Rosental part 6

Main station scratch building roof construction;

The roof construction will be one complete part to make it possible to remove it in one piece. This makes it possible that the interior of the station can be reached. First all parts are measured and cut out (picture 1). Second phase is to fit all parts together using wood-glue diluted with tap water (picture 2). Cardboard roof sheets are cut in the right dimension and glued on the rest of the roof construction (pictures 3 & 4). This sheets will be the base for the final plastic roof sheets. After finishing this part of the building we put it all together on the track to see if the scene is how we prefer (pictures 5 &6). Also a short view with the plastic Auhagen roof sheets on the roof to have an idea how the final result will be (pictures 7 & 8). Now we can cut the Auhagen roof panels 52417 in the right dimension and glue them direct on the cardboard roof sheets (picture 9). Also some roof vents are applied to both sides of the roof. Those vents are also from Auhagen 80103 and are supplied in a pack of 3 complete sets useful for sloping roofs and flat roofs as well (picture 9). On both long sides of the Auhagen roof panels there are mold strips. Before using the roof panels those mold strips are always cut off with a sharp knife. Normally those left overs are discharged but in scratch building we can use almost everything. Those strips are now used to cover the ridge of the roof and are applied with Humbroll Polycement (picture 10). Now the small mold strips on the roof top are rounded by using a knife and emery paper (pictures 11 & 12). The gutter is made using Evergreen strips numbers 158 & 164 which are glued together as is good visible on the detailed picture (picture 13). Now the roof is ready for the final finish (picture 14). The weathering of the roof is described in the next part (part 7).

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