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Rosenbahn a website which describes the building of a Märklin scale model railroad track, build on a limited area.

Due to some issues with the first design, some areas were too hard to reach, the decision was been made to start again with a new design as a modular track.

The Rosenbahn website is continues changing even as the scale model track. Every page that change or new page which is added is visible via  RECENTLY CHANGES.

Before the start of a scale model railroad;

At the start of building a scale model railroad track we must face many choices. Always in our mind that we build in scale H0 1:87 we go through the following questions;

Will it be a standard conventional or analog track?

Will it be a digital track?

If we choose a full digital system with rail detection block the system shows us on the screen or display where each train is? (stop sections and feedback)

Will it be a 2-rail or a 3-rail system?

In which time period do we like to build?

Are we using a several layer track or do we make a one layer track?

When we made this choice we can choose a brand and a track plan can be made.

We choose at Rosenbahn for a 3-rail digital system by Märklin. This doesn’t mean that it is not possible to use material from another brand on the Rosenbahn track. For Märklin digital 3-rail systems there are many possibilities for trains, wagons and passangers cars. Brands such as Roco, Pico, Fleischmann etc. does also have AC voltage materials available.

Which rails will we use;

Good available on auction sites and fairs is the well known Märklin M-rail system. Who doesn’t know this system? It was for so many thé first scale model train, especially in the fifties and sixties of the twenty century. On many attics are (sometimes without knowing it) boxes full stored with this metal rails. This very strong M-type rails is no longer in production an is followed up by Märklin K-rail. This K-rail is more realistic than M-rail and less sensitive for corrosion. Another benefit of K-rail is that it has the most possibilities in rail types up to flex lengths of 1000 mm. Later became the new Märklin C-rail on the market with a plastic rail bedding making it possible to mount the switch mechanism and digital decoder in the plastic bedding bottom. C-rail is a very strong and reliable system. Not everyone is excited  about how it looks because the bedding is less realistic due to the plastic look. With making a good quality scenery will it be no problem and is the plastic bedding no longer visible. All 3 types of Märklin rails can be equipped with ballast and weathered.

For Rosenbahn we have chosen for Märklin K-rail system.

Märklin K-rail
Märklin K-rail
Märklin C-rail
Märklin C-rail
Märklin M-rail

As next we must choose the time era of the track. It doesn’t mean that we must go for strictly one period, the track can be build in two consecutive time eras.

See this link for the description of the time eras.

The next stap is a Rail track plan. It is very important before you start building to make a decent plan especially when using a multiple layer system. The lowest part will be used as a parking station for the trains to ensure that there is a variation in the presentation of the trains in the visible part of the track. If you don’t make a lower station you will only see the same trains running continuously. There are many digital drawing programs like Wintrack to make a decent plan.

It is also important to make tracks in the lower station as long as the longest train with stop sections and feedback connections to the digital system, which is important for driving automatically.

We will work out all this separate issues later in separate chapters.

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