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Scratch building coal bunker with small crane

Rosenbahn small coal bunker with crane

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Especially for use on the Rosenbahn Module 1 a small coal bunker with crane is build. This unit will be located next to the large coal bunker and is specific for loading the steam locomotives. The cabin of the crane is equipped with a Servo Motor to make turning of the crane possible. The turn goes from above the coal pile to the rail track to load the locomotive. The Servo is controlled by an Arduino module. The crane cabin is also fitted with light.

Both coal bunker and crane are build using plastic (pvc foam-board) sheets. Relief is made with a sharp hobby knife. In this way we duplicate the look of concrete plates and walls and wooden planks. The lifting beam of the crane is made of ABS Profiles even as the window frames and the guide rails. Small hinges are made in the crane boom by using thin steel pins. The top guide wheel can turn around and is not fixed. All is painted in a layer of Anthracite Black Acrylic paint as first layer and for the concrete parts with a concrete grey Acrylic paint. This 2 base paints are sample pots of wall paint and can be purchased in each hardware store. After the base layers it is all colored and weathered using Vallejo Acrylic paint (Vallejo Model Colors and Vallejo Model Air). For the coal we used cork granules. The coal layer is glued on a polystyrene foam layer with diluted wood glue. After drying the coal is painted Anthracite black using the same type of Acrylic paint.

Below the gallery with pictures made during the building process from start to finish. All used Vallejo colors are described. Thickness of the used PVC foam board is 2 mm. ABS Profiles used for the crane lifting beam are 1 and 2 mm square. The safety guide rail is made of 0.5 mm ABS square profiles. It is obvious that the Preiser crane driver cannot fall down anymore. The H-beams are from Evergreen.

Which colors are used:

Woodwork is first painted with a black Vallejo Model Air paint. Next layer is undiluted Vallejo 70.822German C. Black Brown. The H-beams that support the wooden planks of the coal bunker are also first painted black and after drying an undiluted layer of Vallejo 70.846 Mahogany Brown is applied to imitate corrosion. The crane cabin gets the same treatment only it gets a final dry-brush finish with  Vallejo 70.883 Silver grey. The crane roof gets a thin layer of artist painter paper and is colored Anthracite Black. After that it gets a finish with the following Vallejo colors 70.846, 70.883 en 70.870 Medium Sea Grey. The crane lifting beam gets the same paint treatment and a finishing dry-brush with Vallejo 70.883. The concrete parts all got a base of concrete grey acrylic wall paint and a Wash of Vallejo Dark Grey. Cork is painted with diluted Anthracite Black acrylic wall paint and a light dry-brush with Vallejo 70.883 to create a more 3-D view of the pile.

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