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Scratch building Stone Quarry

Scratch building how to make a Stone Quarry

On the Rosenbahn, right below the shuttle runway comes a stone quarry . The first building is designed for the handling of stone gravel in the train box cars. They can easily drive under a part of the building for loading. The building is made in the same way as the others using architect cardboard . The appeal is partly concrete and partly wood. Again LED illumination is been used.

First step, the entire building to scale drawn on a sheet of architect cardboard and all parts must be carefully cut . The components are all bonded together with diluted wood glue (pictures 1 till 4). They are now all loose sections and we affirm as to pinch clamps to each other so as to see if it looks good and everything is in proportion on the job (pictures 1 & 2). Better first have a good look instead of having a finished building without being satisfied . Also, an interior must be fitted to simulate machines to make stones smaller into ballast material (called Schrotter). For this purpose, work with simple cardboard and frames of old kits to simulate pipes. Even this type of material is often simply discarded as a kit ready comes in handy (pictures 14 till 19). The glass in the windows is made with Kristal Klear which has the advantage that you can imitate dirt and dull glass (pictures 8 & 9). It is also easy to make a broken window. Wood on the outer walls is made with veneer strips but can also be done with balsa wood (pictures 5 till 7). This wooden parts are colored with diluted acrylic paint (pictures 8 & 9). Both the interior and exterior are weathered. There is always a lot of dust in and around the quarry and we simulate this with a white dry-brush (picture 11 and 13). Rain gutters and drain pipes are easily to produce with different types of Evergreen products. Those materials are easy to cut, form and paint. In the head beam below the rooftop small LED lamps are fitted (picture 20). After complete weathering the building is finished and ready to give its place on the track (pictures 21 till 23). What remains is to make the scenery complete on the track.

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