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Scratch building station Rosental part 5

Main station scratch building

Some building stages doesn’t goes very fast. This because the left and right part of the building are the same which doesn’t give a new story. All 3 building blocks are fitted with wooden beams in the ceiling. This beams are not only to look good but they also takes care that the structure of the building becomes more solid. Beams are made out of flexible plywood. This product is easy to cut in the right size using a hobby knife.  This flexible plywood is easy available many shops which are selling timber can provide you with this material. Beams are cut in the right size and sanded with emery paper. Now a diluted layer of acrylic brown paint is added to the beams. Dry it immediately with a tissue to avoid that the beams will be too dark. With wood glue the beams are glued to the building (picture 1). For the rest the ceiling will stay open because the interior must stay visible (picture 2). For each block a pre-cut cardboard plate will be added on the beams but not glued to it so it makes it easy to remove. Next job is adding the tile floors into all 3 blocks (pictures 3, 4, 5). Floor is made out of Auhagen 52422 plastic floor sheets color red-brown (picture 6). The color of this plastic sheet is not from any importance because it will be recolored in a later stage.

Plastic floor sheets are now spray-painted with the airbrush in the color 71031 Middle Stone (pictures 7 & 8) and the joints will be colored with the color 71050 Light Grey using a small pencil brush size oo (picture 9).  First step for coloring the joints is to apply with the small pencel brush tap water in the joints. That we use the acrylic light grey paint which will be diluted with tap water. With the same brush we apply the grey paint in the joint only by touching the joint with the  tip of the brush. You will see that paint will spread out through the joints due to the water in the joints. It is a time consuming job but gives an excellent result. If there is by accident some paint on the surface of a tile use a flat pencil brush to remove it carefully. Let it dry and cure now for at least 24 hours.

Scratch building main station Rosental part 1

Scratch building main station Rosental part 2

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