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Weathering model trucks and cars

How to weather Rosenbahn trucks and cars Brekina Wiking Artitec

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There is a wide variety of model trucks and model cars in scale 1:87 available.

Er is een breed scala aan modelauto’s verkrijgbaar in de schaal 1:87. For example from manufacturers as Brekina, Wiking, Artitec etc. Many of these vehicles are extremely fine detailed, but stil have a plastic look similar as with the plastic model building kits. Artitec is a exception in they offer very nice colored cars with beautiful decals and cargo. Modellbahn Rosenbahn started with purchasing first some trucks from Wiking. Problem was the cars looked to plastic and clean, so work to do. The first truck is applying dust and dirt especially the inside of the fenders needed of dirty muddy look. Also a change of the truck body was one of the things to carry out.

First step is to disassemble the car, even the wheels are removed. This makes it more easy to work.

Second step is to apply a wash to imitate road dust and dirt. For this pigment weathering powders are used in 3 colors; sand, dark sand and white. These are mixed with water and some DecalFix. The DecalFix make it possible to make some changes to the surface after drying. With a small brush or cotton bud the product can be re-activated and mistakes can easily be changed. Water is the activator of the DecalFix in this.   Humbroll Weathering Powders Humbroll DecalFix

The truck chassis is made of red plastic and will be painted over with Model Air Acrylic Paint from Vallejo in te color black. This paint can be applied with a small brush. The gasoil tank, air tanks and exhaust are painted light grey. Also the bumper get the same grey color.

When dry a thin layer of Humbrol Matt Cote is applied diluted with Humbroll Enamel Thinner. The mixture is very liquid and flows easily between all the small details and leaves an even layer over the model. When the mixture is still wet pigment weathering powders are applied and the get easy absorbed by the Matt Cote. By apply the powders in the Matt Cote they become fluid but not as fluid as when the powder should be mixed with the Matt Cote before applying on the model. It is now also easy to make differences in thickness and colors. As long as the layer is not dry changes can be made. This can be done easily by dipping the brush in the Enamel Thinner and reconstruct the layer. The moment the layer is dry changes cannot be made anymore which is the opposite process as working with Decal Fix. Now it is possible to apply on small spots nuances in colors such as Rust, but be careful the rust colors are strong colors and it is easy to go over the top. Humbroll Matt Cote 

When the model is dried completely it can be carefully assembled and a thin layer of Humbroll Matt Cote diluted with Humbroll Enamel Thinner goes over the complete model. When dry the complete model is protected and the colors cannot be damaged anymore by touching.

Before the final layer of Humbroll Matt Cote some small details are colored and highlighted such as the head lights and rear lights.

Also the truck canopy gets a dirt and dust layer.

The difference between an untreated and weathered model is very visible.

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