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At the previous model railway was at the long wall side of Rosenbahn a single shuttle track for a rail shuttle between two small stations. Due to the limited space the buildings placed along this track have to be made with a limited depth. The depth of this buildings is various between 2,5 and 4 cm. This create a depth function and the backdrop will be more 3 dimensional. Behind this buildings a painted backdrop will be created. All buildings are equipped with LED illumination which can illuminate several rooms and floor levels separate. This can be done manual or digital by using an Arduino module.

Each base of a building is made using 2 mm thick cardboard. The other materials that will be used are described below in bold text. Colouring of the building walls takes place with an airbrush, using acrylic airbrush paints. Small items will be painted with fine and extra fine paint brushes. At the inside of the buildings small frameworks are made around the windows to take care that curtains will not be glued directly to the window glass which give an unnatural look. This will give a nice depth behind the windows especially when the light is switched on at evening darkness. Some of the buildings will get a wooden finish on the wall, to make a good variety in the buildings.

When the previous model railway was demolished all this buildings where saved and stored. Now this buildings are all used for a large diorama which is placed in the shop window of the Modelspoor Club Bergen op Zoom. Rosenbahn is a member of this club.

Used materials are: Cardboard, Window frames from Auhagen, Roof plates from Auhagen, Airbrush paint from Vallejo, thin perspex for windows, wood veneer, LED lights, PVA wood glue extra diluted (with water), Balsa wood, Styreen profiles for roof gutters and downspouts.

Tools are: Sharp hobby knives, fine and extra fine paint brushes, tweezer to pick small items, small plastic hobby clamps, square with solid base to glue perfect square corners, metal ruler for straight cutting,  Airbrush compressor and Airbrush gun. 


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