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Backdrops Painting

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Rosenbahn gets self painted backgrounds also called backdrops. The used technique provides for good depth effect and keep in that way the brains for the nuts, so that the scene appears much larger than it actually is. There are with this technique, no fine details provided. The reason is that the focus should be on the details of the model railway and the background is only a component that completes the whole. An additional advantage is that much fewer trees can be placed on the track (again due to the optical illusion that the background generates ). The application is been done by working with Acrylic paint and a variety of brushes. Backdrop Painting

The colors used for the air are: Cobalt Blue, Titanium White and Mars Black.

The colors used for the vegetation are: Lemon Yellow, Mars Black and Titanium White.

The colors used for shade accents are: Lemon Yellow, Yellow Ochre and Titanium White.

Used brushes are: Pointed brushes of good quality numbers 14 and 20. Flat brush for larger grass / soil surfaces number 2, number 14 flat brush for shade accents, fan-shaped brush number 8 for spruce trees.

First, the air with the clouds is applied over its entire length. This must be dried completely, because we want to avoid that vegetation paint colors are mixed with the wet air colors. After that we start with painting the vegetation, this is a relatively simple way of applying, you Blob (light push) the brush with paint in the background and is about to start at the top with the contour and paint the whole length of the scene. Variation in color shades is very important to create shadows and depth . Layer after layer we work lower to the ground. Sometimes a meadow is made by using the brush flat first go from the left (or right) in 30 degrees angle a region and then a nice curve, thereby ensuring that a slope goes down . Underneath we continue with the Blob method on and so you see depth occur immediately. If the brush become to wet the paint Blob not so nice anymore. Rinse it clean and and let the brush dry. Continue with a dry brush and go further Blobbing (for this reason there are always more of the same brushes needed ). When everything is ready, we paint some trees in the lowest part of the painting by adding vertical black stripes with the flat brush, We make a few large trees in the foreground they may be quite high, this is happening again with the Blob method also alternating in color shades. At the boundary of the trees pastures nuances may be provided in which there is direct more depth across the whole with white and ocher shadow finally. We used the fan brush to create spruce trees in the color black. Some spruce trees as seen on the pictures are on different levels for the depth effect. The first part is made ​​in MDF and hardboard wood but can also directly on the wall or on cardboard.

Backdrops Painting


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