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Mountain wall

12 oktober 2013

The Mountain Wall in front of the Shuttle Track:

By the removable module of the shuttle track comes partly a rock wall as finish of the vertical part of the module . The idea is to put a small signal box on top of it.

First a wooden plate is mounted vertically in front of the removable module to support the rock and also to prevent damaging of the plaster rock if it is necessary to remove the module to reach the slope of the lower station when a train is accidentally  stopped on the slope.

The base of the rock is Styrofoam blocks glued together with wood glue and then cropped in the contours of the rock. After drying there are some pre- cast rocks and plaster stone walls glued before starting with the application of a layer plaster finish. Surrounding area is protected against dirt with plastic foil sticked to the ground with masking tape. After drying of the plaster it will get it’s final shape using a small chisel and screwdriver. This will be followed by adding 3 different layers of acrylic paint in the method described in mountain building . As a final finish comes grass , shrubs and trees .

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