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Freight Cars

4 juni 2013

Freight cars:

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Many different types of freight cars will be visible at the Rosenbahn. In chapter Museum freight cars we show the special editions by Märklin.

Freight car Märklin number 4423. Easy to make your own cargo for this car. Type 4423 is of the Deutsche Bahn

Märklin 4423 lageboord wagon.

Märklin 4423 freight car.

Stake freight car Märklin number 4459. Easy to fill with self made cargo. Loading stakes will hold cargo in position.

Märklin Rongenwagon 4459 met buizen lading.

Märklin freight car 4459 loaded with pipes.

Boxed freight car with closed doors Märklin number 4410. 

Märklin Goederenwagon 4410.

Märklin boxed freight car 4410.

Boxed fridge car Märklin old model era III. No idea what this article number is so if someone knows please reply.

Märklin koelwagon

Märklin fridge boxed car

Dezelfde koelwagen geweatherd. Zomaar eeb proef project.

The same type of boxed fridge car but as an example is this one weathered with acrylic paints from Valeo.

Boxed fridge car Märklin number 4415 (those cars left Rosenbahn and found there way to a track in Friesland)

Märklin koelwagon 4415

Märklin boxed fridge car 4415

Freight car with crane arm support 4471 together with mobile crane 4671

Märklin Kraanwagen met lageboord wagon 4671

Märklin crane – support car combination 4671

Four axle gondola car by Piko 54150 as number 47-74-48 Lowa 00ru47-DR Epoche III

Piko Lowa hogeboord wagon 54150

Piko Lowa gondola car 54150

Four axle gondola car by Piko 54152 as number 47-79-24 Lowa 00ru47-DR Mittel tür Epoche III

Piko Lowa Hogeboord wagon 54152

Piko Lowa gondola car 54152

Four axle gondola car by Piko 54153 as number 50-592-722-3 DR Epoche IV

Piko Lowa Hogeboord wagon 54153

Piko Lowa gondola car 54153

Märklin offers every year a special car for Märklin Insider members. This is called a Year Car. This special car is not available via shops or internet but only as an exclusive item for this members. Märklin Insider members have a subscription on the Märklin magazine and will get as a present this special car for free. The first of this special cars that showed up on the Rosenbahn is one that came out in the year 2000. It was not a common one because it was packed as a self-made car in a special box. The car is painted in the blue color with the logo of car manufacturer Ford and comes out time era IV. Märklin number is 48159.

Märklin jaarwagen 2000 met nummer 48159

Märklin Year Freight Car 2000 with number 48159

De originele verpakking van de Märklin jaarwagen 2000

The original box of the Märklin year car 2000

Set 47894 of the French Railways, 3 pieces with cement tank car, hinged cover car, open ore car.

Set 47894

Set 47894

Cement tank car from set 47894

Cement tank car from set 47894

Open ore car from set 47894

Open ore car from set 47894

Hinged cover car from set 47894

Hinged cover car from set 47894

Set 48807, 3 freight cars of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB / CFF / FFS). 1 J3 boxcar, 1 gondola Eaos and one private tank car gasoline. Model: Covered wagon with sliding doors. Open car with load, low real coal. Tank car with detailed frame and mounted platforms. Total length over the buffers 40.5 cm. DC wheel set 2 x 6 x 70 0580 32 3760 04.

Gondola Eaos with low real coal

Gondola Eaos with low real coal

Private tank car with gasoline

Private tank car with gasoline

Boxen car J3 with sliding doors

Boxen car J3 with sliding doors

Complete set 48807

Complete set 48807

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