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Märklin Locomotive Turntable 7286 and Maintenance facility Building 72883

24 februari 2013

Märklin Locomotive turntable 7286 and Märklin Locomotive Maintenance Facility Building 72883:

Overview English pages.

There has been made a change in plan for Rosenbahn. At the start there was no space available for a locomotive turntable. We changed the complete plan for this part of the track to get some open space for a Locomotive Turntabel type Märklin 7286 complete with a digital decoder 7687 and the new develloped Märkin Locomotive Maintenance Facility Building 72883. This is a facility with a place for three locomotives, which can be build as a circular building around the truntable. Due to the limited space we have chosen for only one building instead of 2 or 3 what you see many times on the bigger tracks. The building is made in a building style from the early 20 century with walls of bricks. The building is provide with self closing doors. Inside the building there is new LED lighting in a warm white color.

First we started making a circular opening in the wooden plate with a jig saw. The same self adhesive foam as under all the rails is applied at the edges to provide the same hight as the rail track and get the right sound damping.

The electronic  drive is connected to the CS2 with a special digital decoder. With this new developed decoder the turntable can be operated via the touch screen of the Central Station 2.

All rail tracks around the turntable are foreseen of block connections and connected to a digital decoder. With this we could see where trains are and which railway track is still free.

Connection of the Turntable

At the decoder picture there is a connection scedual shown to make it clear how to connect the turntable from the special digital decoder to the CS2 and a separate transformer. This scedual is NOT THE SAME as the one that Märklin supplies together with the decoder. Unfortunately the turntable doesn’t work if all wires are connected according to the Märklin connection drawing.


Adding the railway tracks into the CS2 must happen at Keyboard page 15. This page is specially designed for the Turntable . Follow the right steps programming your turntable into the CS2. We have made a short description for this here below.

Important is that when you switch on the CS2 you have to push the input button within 5 seconds!!
You must start pushing the BIG CENTRAL STOP BUTTON  2 Times behind each other. That means stop and start (this must be 2  pushes within 5 seconds). Now the system is ready to program. The bridge will make a turn to a programmed rail, this is rail track 1. If you like to have another rail as rail 1 you must enter with the STEP button to the right track. If the bridge reached that track, push the button CLEAR. You have now made you first track in the CS2 program. The next step is to go with the STEP button to your rail track which you want to make track 2. Did the bridge reached that point you have to push the button INPUT. This has to be done with each next track you want to program. If you have finished to program all the tracks that you want, you must push the button END. With this end button your own program is now saved in the memory of the CS2. The bridge must now turn automatically to the programmed rail track 1. You are now able to turn the bridge by hand using the STEP buttons or automatically using the RAIL TRACK NUMBERS which you made in the CS2 program.

If everything works like it has to do you must make immediately a BACKUP of your CS2 system.

If something is not clear feel free to send a message with your question.

CS2 Draaischijf overzicht blad 15

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4 reacties
  1. jose luis f. de valderrama permalink

    Very grateful for your great explanation Ronald

    jose luis f. de valderrama jlfdvalderrama@telefonica.net

  2. Hi Jose,

    You could use an old transformer with 10VA and 16VAC output. Connect the yellow wire to that transformer and also the brown one as on the picture.
    Starting up the program you go to the right page on your central station and than follow the steps as described. So start with pushing the big central button twice within 5 seconds. The bridge will go now to it’s starting point. If you prefer another starting point push the STEP button to go to the required point. Than push the clear button to make this your starting point. The rest is simple, go one by one to each point where the bridge much stop and push on input, so means STEP following by INPUT. When you reach your final point you must and the final step is programmed you must enter the END button. The bridge will now go to it’s starting point and everything is saved. Now the turntable is ready for use. If everything is running well as you prefer it is important to make a back-up of your CS2.
    If you still have some questions don’t hesitate to let me know.
    Good luck and best regards,


  3. I understand that the yellow wire must be connected to a separate transformer and also the brown wire on the right.
    My question is if I can use an old Marklin transformer 10VA with yellow connection 0-L = 16 V. Also have 0-B =16/23V.

    Another question: In programming rail track 2 (and subsequent) the button must been pressed is the “step” to achieve that track, and then the button “input”. Is not it the opposite? first “input” and then the “step”?
    Jose Luis Valderrama

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