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How to make windows in Scale Modelling

17 februari 2013

How do we make window glass in Scale Modelling?

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One common product is plastic clear Vivak plate for making glass to fit behind the window frames. In a thickness of 0,75mm is this material easy to cut in the right dimension and it will be sticked with glue to the inside of the window frame. We always have to work very nice to ensure that we get no glue spots on the glass. Especially with cyano-acrylate glue (which sticks within seconds) leaves a white blush on the window and we want to avoid this.

Many times we are confronted with the fact that we also need to have an inside of the building which looks good. Or an open window where you don’t want to see a plastic plate glued on the frame. For this kind of purpose there is a great product available on the market under the name “Kristal Klear” made by MicroScale Industries inc. 

It is a small bottle with a milky white substance which can be used as a glue, by using a small fine brush or toothpick or making glass in a window frame by using the toothpick. After drying and curing this milky white substance is changed in  a nice clear color, which is almost invisible.

For a window glass we take a toothpick and put some fluid at the tip of the toothpick. Next step is adding the fluid at the corners of the window frame and make a circular movement with the toothpick in the frame opening. Slowly a blush of the white product takes shape in the small frame and we remove the toothpick (it can happen that we don’t have enough product on the toothpick and some extra has to be added to the frame). Now it is only a matter of let it dry. This takes time, and slowly we see the white fluid in the frame colors from white to clear. If you spill some product or some product is added to a part where we don’t want it to be, it’s easy to remove it with a little bit of water. After the job is finished clean the brush with water before it dries. The great benefit of this product is that it doesn’t leave any ugly glue spots on the scale model. One important thing is that you always have the paint the surface (or window frame) before you apply the  Kristal Klear. We apply the Kristal Klear on the backside of the window frame.

MicroSacle Kristal Klear

MicroSacle Kristal Klear

Kristal Klear aanbrengen met een satéprikker

Kristal Klear application with a toothpick.

Aan de randen is nu het Kristal Klear te zien

The Kristal Klear at 4 corners is good visible.

Met de satéprikker langzaam cirkelende bewegingen maken.
Slowly circle with the toohtpick in Kristal Klear to close the product.Vensterdeel is nu gesloten met een film van Kristal ClearFrame part is closed now with Kristal Clear

Laatste vensterdeel bewerkt.

Final part of the window frame is now also closed.

Langzaam droogt het en wordt het transparant.

It slowly dries in a clear color.

Na enige tijd zijn alleen de randen nog niet goed droog.

The thinnest product is drying already and becomes clear.

Venster in het gebouwtje geplaatst en vastgelijmd met Kristal Klear. Nu volledig laten drogen.

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